Gifts from the heart. Featuring Roses Bundtinis. Gifts from the heart. Featuring Roses Bundtinis.

gifts from

the heart

Love Cakes

Carefully handcrafted to let you express your love with cake.

  1. Mini Bundt cakes with white frosting, topped with conversation hearts in pink, lime, lavender, and light teal, displaying messages: XOXO, LOVE YOU, SWEET, and CUTIE PIE.
    Conversation Hearts Bundtinis®

    Select your flavors.

  2. Cupcake sized bundt cakes in a variety of flavors with a pink and red rose toppers
    Roses Bundtinis®

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  3. Bundt cake decorated with a beautiful pink flower arrangement with greenery. A card reads yours, mine, ours.
    Yours, Mine, Ours

    Available in 8", 10" and Tiered. Gift-wrapped in cellophane.

  4. Four mini Bundt cakes each adorned with a delicate white heart topper, presented in a row showcasing a variety of cake flavors.
    White Hearts Bundtinis®

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  5. 10 in bundt cake with signature frosting and topped with red rose flower.
    Cake with Flower

    Available in 8" and 10".

  6. New!  Bundtinis® topped with frosting and decorated with purple, green, pink sparkled butterflies.
    Butterflies Bundtinis®

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There's nothing quite like sharing something sweet with your sweetheart. Our Love collection is all about capturing those tender feelings in delicious form. From the delicate Rose topper Bundtinis to the whimsical Butterfly designs, each cake is a little edible love note.

Whether you're celebrating a big anniversary, keeping the romance alive on Valentine's Day, or just wanting to surprise your love "just because", these treats let you say it with sugar. After all, love is about those little gestures that show you care.

So go ahead, indulge together, and create a sweet memory. With every bite, you'll taste the affection that went into making these labor-of-love confections. Your relationship is a journey - why not sweeten it up along the way?