Rehearsal Dinner Delights. Rehearsal Dinner Delights.

rehearsal dinner


Rehearsal Dinner Cakes & Desserts

As your wedding day draws near, celebrate with our beautiful selection of cakes and desserts, handcrafted to add a sweet touch to your rehearsal dinner.

  1. 10 in bundt cake with signature frosting and topped with red rose flower.
    Cake with Flower

    Available in 8" and 10".

  2. Cake in a Bakery Box
    Cake in a Bakery Box

    Available in 8" and 10".

  3. A combination of half classic vanilla and half chocolate chocolate chip Bundtinis® (small cupcake size bundt cakes).
    Tuxedo Bundtinis®

    Assorted dozen with 6 each of Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Classic Vanilla.

  4. Gift a frosted, undecorated cake wrapped in cellophane. Ideal for personalizing or for those who prefer a simpler design. Available in 8, 10, and tiered sizes.
    Cake Gift Wrapped in Cellophane

    Available in 8" and 10".

  5. A box filled with 12 individually packaged bundlets.
    Bundtlet Bundle

    Select your flavors.

  6. Cupcake sized bundt cakes (Bundtinis®) topped with cream cheese frosting.
    Custom Bundtinis®

    Select your flavors.

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