The Sweetest Wedding Favors. The Sweetest Wedding Favors.

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Edible Wedding Favors

Delight your guests with the sweetest thank you—our Bundtinis® and Bundtlets make perfect edible wedding favors, ensuring your celebration ends on a memorable and tasty note.

  1. A box filled with 12 individually packaged bundlets.
    Bundtlet Bundle

    Select your flavors.

  2. Personal size bundt cake, packaged in a plastic container and gift-wrapped in cellophane.
    Single Bundtlet Tower

    Select your flavor and other customizations.

  3. Cupcake sized bundt cakes (Bundtinis®) topped with cream cheese frosting.
    Custom Bundtinis®

    Select your flavors.

  4. Personal size bundt cake, packaged in a plastic container.
    Individual Bundtlet

    Select your flavor.

  5. A combination of half classic vanilla and half chocolate chocolate chip Bundtinis® (small cupcake size bundt cakes).
    Tuxedo Bundtinis®

    Assorted dozen with 6 each of Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Classic Vanilla.

  6. Four mini Bundt cakes each adorned with a delicate white heart topper, presented in a row showcasing a variety of cake flavors.
    White Hearts Bundtinis®

    Select your flavors.

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