At Nothing Bundt Cakes, we believe in the power of giving joy to others.
We strive to give joy every day, in big ways and small, because real joy is contagious. 

Our guests are the biggest Joy Givers of all. We searched the country to find two of the best so
  we could bring the joy full circle. What happened next was magical. 

Meet Sharon and Holly. Both are outstanding Joy Givers in their communities.
Watch what happens when we surprised them with a cake party of their own! 

Holly from Tampa, FL
Sharon from Dallas, TX


While the contest has come to an end, the joy has not!
Surprise the Joy Giver in your life with one of our cakes today! 

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Thanks to everyone who shared their Joy Giver moments with us. We are overjoyed by the thousands of submissions we received! Check out more amazing Joy Givers and their stories by clicking the images below.